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Hospitality Zone

The core element of the Istanbul Biennial's Positionings programme is the Hospitality Zone occupying the 2nd floor of the Antrepo no.5 building. It is one of the substantial ways in which the biennial attempts to engage with the cultural scene in the city and beyond. Major elements of the Hospitality Zone include two group exhibitions: Free Kick curated by Halil Altindere and Projeckt: Production Fault by the Hafriyat art group, which both reflect on diverse aspects of contemporary art production in Turkey, the offices of Roll magazine, a student workshop: Lost in Translation and the KIOSK collection of publications on contemporary art (compiled by Revolver – Archiv für aktuelle Kunst). Additionally, film screenings, talks and events will take place in the same space throughout the Biennial. Activated by guests and visitors, the Hospitality Zone will continuously evolve to exist as a meeting point in the city for various social and artistic endeavours. During the opening days of the Biennial, press conferences, book launches and parties will be hosted at the same venue.

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