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Established 2000. Live in İstanbul.

Oda Projesi’s contribution to the Biennial is their book titled Neighbourhood, room, neighbour, guest? It was born out of Oda Projesi’s decision to create a book of all the connections they have made, the people they have met and the situations they have been in, up to the present, through their various projects. It draws attention to a significant element of art production, namely daily relationships. The book has been designed in an interview format, starting with eight questions posed by Oda Projesi. These questions were prepared considering the places and situations people find themselves in, and their methods of constructing relationships. They received a good response; the answers given and further questions asked by the participants, served to build an interactive web between the 154 people in the book. The core of the book is composed of the questions of Oda Projesi, the textual or visual answers of the participants, their new questions and their biographies. This material points to the imagining of a mutual narrative and the intention to build a narrative by opening up the possibilities of the space of printed matter.
‘ ... And our wish is that all this will reveal an İstanbul. This city has always been a point of departure, a field of awareness for Oda Projesi. Not to use it but attempting to adapt it, to lay out its strategies, to apply them, not to forget to get lost, to be transient and not to forget continuous reproduction, to admire daily life... To steal roles.’

Oda Projesi


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