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1957, Cherven Briag. Lives in Sofia.

Once a piece of art decided to move out of the picturesque ruins of this apartment, to appear in a more suitable and representative way to reflect its status. First she (the piece of art was a female one) arranged the renovation of the brightest room where she had moved from the former kitchen. ‘Now people will immediately recognise me, when everything around is clean and freshly painted!’ – she was talking to herself while supervising the renovation. A bit later, this was already not enough for her – she also wanted to clearly expose all the rubbish from the renovation. The piece of art asked the exhibition organisers to create this structure, the sole purpose of which was to show the visitors her victorious position – on the very top of that mess, shining and glowing, ready for admiration.As with many other things in life, the final result was not quite the same as her original intention; for on average 6 out of 7 people who enter this room will go first to the window facing the Golden Horn, they will then look around the room for a second and leave. And all the other (a bit jealous) rooms of this apartment become really happy.

Nedko Solakov


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