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1961, Jerusalem. Lives in Ramallah.

The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind was established in 1905 to inspire wonder, discovery and creations, which provoke curiosity and deepen our understanding of the natural and cultural worlds. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the museum is currently open in İstanbul with a special commemorative project Palestine before Palestine, which aims to celebrate the life of the olive tree as a museum of the mind. For the first time the public will have the opportunity to access sections of the museum’s archives and its permanent collection of fossils, bones, alien matter and other artefacts. These objects, all carefully crafted by Rabah from every possible part of the olive tree, are displayed in vitrines and topological installations that explore the story of our planet, its beginnings, transformations and its complex web of evolving, living things. Palestine before Palestine also investigates anthropological history and its effect on natural systems in the context of contemporary events. In the museum’s screening room, visitors can view a short documentary, which examines an enormous catastrophe of life on earth, the remaining environment of the ‘wall zone’. In addition The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind is committed to external research projects and the dissemination of knowledge through publications and educational activities and alongside the exhibition rooms, in its Deniz Palas location, the museum boasts a research and study area, a shop and a café.

November Paynter


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