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1967, Bilbao. Lives in Bilbao.

A series of images collected by Euba of rock stars acting and posing on stage, form a catalogue from which his work One Per Minute. 10 minutes in İstanbul is choreographed. Editions of this work were previously shot in the Basque Region and in Busan, and the most recent addition is a new shoot in another context, that of İstanbul. In each instance a group of people are invited to collaborate in the reproduction of positions and gestures initially introduced by Euba as a composition of printed images. This score is then translated physically, at a real location and recorded once more in action.
This process is in a sense autonomous, as it can take place anywhere, at any time and the team of people do not have to be close to Euba to realise the production. In this way, Euba assumes the pretence that his work can be read without any relationship to a specific context, or political motive.
Shot in different locations in İstanbul, by day, as well as by night, Euba’s One Per Minute. 10 minutes in İstanbul is presented here as two parallel character interactions. The protagonists’ silent movements reveal subtle cultural references in ways of touch, sense and ommunication. For Euba, the work becomes most interesting when those involved no longer appear invited, or representational, but become something else ‘a public who have stopped being’.

November Paynter


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