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1961, Sibiu. Lives in Bucharest.

With probably the simplest and most economical of current art practices, Dan Perjovschi’s work manages to comment on the widest possible terrain of political, economic and artistic subjects. Living in Bucharest, his view of the world is both particular to that place and riddled with all the contradictions, wisdom and absurdity that global information systems offer. His work is humorous, sharp and sometimes cutting in its exposure of human behaviour and fragility. In simple terms, he draws pictures and texts on walls. He makes these drawings spontaneously in the spaces where he works, allowing the flow of events to effect the final result. The architectural spaces that he inhabits determine certain outcomes of his installations; the sights and sounds that he experiences at the time influence some of the subjects in his drawings, while current affairs and local gossip shape others. Together they form a visual diary as much as a microcosm of what is going on in and around the Biennial, the city and the world at this moment.

Charles Esche


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