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Established 1993. Live in Genoa and Milan.

The decision to accommodate the Biennial in a series of new venues within the area of Beyoğlu, rather than in the traditional, historical sites used in previous years, created the need for a visual device to signal the locations of the exhibition. A majority of the new venues share the condition of being between functions, but other than that they are all of very different styles, with unique characteristics and sit in different types of urban setting.
Gruppo A12 were invited to propose an intervention that would connect and indicate the selected buildings. Their decision to paint elements of each façade in one specific colour, allows the different venues to be recognisable at a glance while retaining consideration for their individual architectural and historical characteristics. The colour has been applied differently in each case, in response to the texture, relief and structure of the buildings rather than their proposed, or previous function. This simple system of signage responds to Gruppo A12’s practice, which is about efficiency and the investigation of possibilities inscribed in processes of reuse of already existing resources. Together, the painted facades express a route between the venues and the exhibition.

November Paynter

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