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1959, Aytos. Lives in New York City.

Bozhkov has created Eau d’Ernest, a perfume that evokes the spirit of American writer Ernest Hemingway. Through his books and public persona, Hemingway came to embody the myth of American individuality and virile courage. As Bozhkov writes, Hemingway is ‘an emblematic person from a time when America smelled good’. In 2003 Bozhkov stayed in the old Büyük Londra Oteli in Beyoğlu, where Hemingway stayed in 1922 while covering the Greco-Turkish War for the Toronto Daily Star. Eau d’Ernest is a contemporary scent for men inspired by Hemingway’s idea of courage as ‘grace under pressure’. It captures the senses with the powerful mystique of safari and the exhilaration of the bullfight. Eau d’Ernest is an exuberant combination of sophistication and audacity with some vulnerable and tragic notes.
Bozhkov developed Eau d’Ernest with Ulrich Lang Fragrances, New York and the perfumer Virginia Bonofiglio. Dark, brooding notes of burnt woods and sensual musks evoke bold masculinity while top notes of anis and basil, highlighted with Italian bergamot, add freshness and youthful athleticism.
The fragrant oil was made in New York and transported to İstanbul where Pinkar Cosmetics produced the eau de toilette. In İstanbul, Bozhkov collaborated with Atila Çelebi from Dream Design Factory (dDF) and master label-maker Halil İnci on the packaging design and labels for Eau d’Ernest. Bozhkov also worked with dDF on a promotional campaign that included posters, a radio jingle and TV ads, made with Boğaç and Şebnem as Blender at PTT Films. The soundtrack for the TV ad was produced by Jingle House, İstanbul, with original lyrics co-written by Bozhkov and Chicago hip-hop artist Yeshua Klos, who also raps them. The Eau d’Ernest launch party will be thrown by the artist, at Büyük Londra Hotel, Hemingways’s old haunt.

Alexandra MacGilp


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